Training Log – September 17, 2018


Day 21

I have less time on Monday mornings than on other days of the week, so this morning’s training was quick!

Sei and I went out into a part of the driveway where we have never worked before and tried some pivots. I didn’t expect to get beyond acclimation and maybe a few find-heels, but he did great! Precision was not the point of this one, attitude was. So lots of ‘happy cookies’! I’m so pleased with how much he wanted to play the game with me!

With Perrin, I was going to do some retrieve work with Perrin, but he didn’t want to put the dumbbell in his mouth. That is really strange. So we did level 2 stays instead. These were 2 dog stays, because Sei was stationed in a chair behind Perrin. They both nailed it. I am so sad that my camera corrupted the file for some reason, because it was perfect. All I can do is be happy that it didn’t happen on a great run through or something!


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