June 14th, 2018 – Training Log

We have been training, but working on FDSA gold spots. I tend not to log here when I have gold spots because our work is being logged in that format instead.

We have been in a bit of a rut with training, and I have been wanting to work on more shaping. The issue has been that Sei does not wait nicely while I work with Perrin. After a lot of work, we have started to get somewhere with that! Husbandry is another thing I have been meaning to work on seriously with Sei, because he is not very tolerant of handling AT ALL. So today I finally made some headway on all three fronts!

I worked on both dogs on chin rests on the coffee table for the purposes of husbandry procedures. They are in different phases of training on this, so it is an interesting exercise. The idea is that while the dog has their face on the table, I can do some sort of procedure (ear drops, eye drops, getting goopies out, looking at teeth, etc). Sei is just learning the chin


Perrin is pretty proficient at the chin rest part, and is extremely tolerant of handling. This makes him a very forgiving student while I am learning! The only time he objected to something I did was a slight head movement away when I put my hand over his nose. This allowed me to work through that and split it out into smaller pieces. And Sei stayed in his down almost the whole time! Whoohoo!


Sei is very new to this. I had never trained the chin rest part before today. We did one session earlier today on shaping the chin rest, but that is it. He learned really fast! I did a session with Perrin first, which I think helped Sei along.

I didn’t realize how worried Sei was about the tripod. He has a history of not liking it, but he kept an eye on it the whole session. His enthusiasm is much lower than the earlier session, and I think that is why. You can also see that Sei did decline to continue at the end, so he got a cookie and we quit. My timing is poor several times in the middle and I ended up clicking a few head motions away.