Training Log – September 16, 2018


Day 20

Today we were kicked out of the house for training as my husband was cleaning. Perrin’s energy level is usually much better outside (unless it is hot), but if the exercise we are working on involves food tosses, we can get hung up on the grass sniffing/invisible cookie search. Sei doesn’t usually have focus issues in the back yard, but arousal issues. I have not done precision/thinking/food type training with him much there. Usually some disc or fetch or something like that. So the arousal state that comes packaged with the backyard is not optimal for all things. We are working on channelling that into useful work though! Somedays it just goes more successfully than others.

I did Go Arounds with Perrin. He was so enthusiastic! I did some ‘right’ and others I moved away as he came back to get more energy on the return. Then he decided we were done. He is adorable!

Sei and I started with Go Arounds with food, then with a disc, then did some position changes with a disc. I needed to burn off some energy before he could think well, so I did some other kinds of wraps around the peppers to get him running.


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