My First Post: About Us

This post is largely going to be a repeat of the ‘About Us’ section, but here goes!

IMG_1923Perrin is an intact Bernese x Golden Retriever mix who is almost three years old. He is my first dog and started me into dog training and dog sports. He currently has his Advanced trick dog title, and we are training towards his TEAM, Cyber Rally, Parkour, Master Trick Dog, Nose Work, Cyber Freestyle, Agility, Rally and Obedience titles. We (I?) really like to dabble in many things! He is also my trusty hiking partner, sanity maintainer, and best friend. He loves cuddles, being a goof, cookies, and bum scratches. He hates to swim! Perrin is truly a happy-go-lucky guy who is down for anything, as long as we do it together.

Together, we fell in love with dog sports and trick training in March 2016 and all things dog have since become my passion. Prior to that, my only goal was a well trained pet,


Photo Credit: Shaleena Jones

and I simply muddled along. We train with positive/force free/dog friendly/clicker methods (whatever term you want to use for avoiding positive punishment and pressure,  for making the dog’s emotional wellbeing paramount in all things, and working on our relationship with each other the foundation of our training) and I am working hard to learn more about behavioural science and training theory every day. I love to shape behaviours, but am not so good at putting them on cue! I learn more from Perrin all the time, and I am so happy that he is my partner on this journey. We are still just at the beginning, but I am so excited to see where life takes us!


I am starting this blog for three reasons:

  • To stop inundating my friends’ Facebook feeds with a never ending stream of dog related posts
  • To act as a training journal to track progress over time, and to provide a place to log musings and thoughts until I have more time to think about them
  • To keep me accountable for training and conditioning goals

Disclaimer: This is not a blog to tell others how to train, but rather a collection of my experiences, musings, successes and failures in my training, life and adventures with my dog.

Stylistic writing is another weakness of mine, so we will see how this whole blogging thing pans out!