Training Log – September 4, 2018


Here is where things get hard! School is on…

Day 8

Yesterday I made a little spreadsheet tool to do my randomizing for me. If I press ‘enter’ on the purple box, it picks one of the pairs for me. But I am not going to use that today! Randomizer

Today I decided to see if Sei could do some work on the porch. This is a very hard thing for him to do. He is often unable to take treats at all on the front porch. I needed an exercise that could easily be done in a small space, with a prop (something for Sei to focus in on), and on leash. So we did pivots. He did super well! He was able to work and focus, and when something made him a little unsure, he was able to just watch until it passed and jump right into work again! So proud of my sensitive little SeiSei.

I decided not to use the randomizer today for Perrin’s two exercises because I wanted to see if I could figure out spacing/orientation for the go-touch and jump exercises in my kitchen. The jump may be pushing the ‘two foot on either side’ rule a little, but I think once I get the dog toy boxes out of the kitchen, that I will have enough room to do it there. Just planning ahead for winter when we are likely to be taking a serious crack at a full TEAM1 run.


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