Training Log – September 3, 2018


First day back at home in a month. Among the other challenges living here presents, I have to get a feel for these spaces again and how to best organize things for TEAM. I also have some different props we have to get used to again.

Day 7

Sei learned his pivots on a pot while we were at home, so I decided to see how that transferred back to the normal prop I used for pivots. It is much shorter, so I wanted to see how that went. I decided to work on a pivot refresh, and exercise pair 1 & 2.

All three of us struggled with this today. Perrin’s enthusiasm led to the disc not staying in place and non-straight heel positions, Sei got super confused about pivoting with me vs sitting on ‘find heel’, and I have a bad attitude about working here. That led to the 1 & 2 exercises being a mess. I just cut my losses, gave the dogs a cookie, and I will regroup tomorrow.

Next time I will try using the platform for the Find Heel rather than the pivot platform to hopefully clear up the confusion for the dogs.


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