September 13, 2017 Training Log

We had a ‘life skills’ training highlight today! Sei was unsure of big dogs barking in his basic obedience class. So every time that Perrin barks at home, I mark it and we run to the fridge to get a cookie. Today, I was sitting inside at the table watching Sei sniff around the back yard when Perrin started barking at the garbage truck at the other end of the house. Sei perked right up, focused on me, and bolted to me. We had a party and went to the fridge to get cookies. (And Perrin quit barking and came and joined us). Awesome!

In line with the goals I wrote about yesterday, here is my first step towards them:


I went back into my FDSA library, and pulled up the shaping lectures. I started right back at the begining with just clicking for any motion that was no sitting and staring at me.

This was my plan:

  • Throw treat to get Sei started
  • Once Sei is done chewing, click for any motion
  • Repeat

Here is the unedited video of our progress on that today:

Wow, that was really hard! Sei is not obvious about when he is done chewing and I have a hard time watching ‘all’ of him for the next movement. And he is so little and fast! Lots of improvement to be made on my end here.


Today I went though our parkour footage and identified behaviours I had no footage of at all. For today that was ‘In’ and a sequence with three obstacles.


He looks so happy! My sweet puff. Tomorrow I will see what manoeuvres I have recorded, but may need to be re-done.



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