Dog-est August – Training Log – August 22, 2018

No formal training today for anyone! It is rainy and gross out, and we all just spent some time splashing in puddles and cuddling when they dried out. My boys did a little bit of free shaping before dinner, and the bonus dogs both sampled a few strips of steak through a muzzle, but that is pretty much it.

I decided to take Hannah Branigan’s Set it and Forget it webinar/virtual seminar, and I think I will spend most of my blog writing energy brainstorming some ideas for applications of those concepts in my training sessions.


May 13 Training Log

Today we went and did some training with Perrin’s lab friend. We mainly worked on settling as they both needed that today.

The best part was afterwards! Even though it was raining, we went out to the woods and worked on some SAR training for the lab where I got to play the victim. It was really good practice for the potential future, because man that dog can tug! My triceps still hurt!

We then went on an off leash walk with all 4 dogs, and Perrin did so well. One of the dogs with us isn’t always dog friendly but generally does well if left un-pestered. I was concerned that Perrin would make things worse with his lack of social skills, but he handled everything beautifully and with tact. Several times he disengaged from the border collie ‘stare’ that he has had trouble with in the past, didn’t escalate posturing gestures like he normally does, and left the pup alone for the most part even at a higher energy level/arousal state. I would have never guessed that he had that level of social skill in him. Hopefully he is learning! They all had a lovely run in the woods, getting soaking wet and even going for a brief swim.

May 4th Training Log

Today was a relaxation day!

At lunch Perrin and I cuddled and played some tag, biteyface and tug. Tonight we went for a lovely long walk in the woods and investigated the prairie crocuses that are now coming up, as well as a funny bush with teeny tiny pinecones. Perrin sniffed around to his heart’s content and also was a perfect gentleman when a little off leash dog ran up to him and started barking in his face. So proud! (Normally he barks right back).

April 20th Training Log

Today was not about training, but rather just being friends and enjoying one another’s company.



I found a new place to go exploring where there wasn’t a soul, and took advantage of today’s beautiful weather to go check it out with Perrin.







He noodled around and sniffed all the things and peed on all the things, ran around like a fool, chewed on some sticks, and went wading in a swamp.









It was so lovely just to be outside with my best friend. We didn’t even work on recalls.



I do have to say though, that I am glad his trained retrieve is better than his play retrieve!