Training Log – October 6, 2018


Day 40

40 days straight! Phew, I think I am ready for a little break!

Today Sei had a day off and Perrin and I toyed around with something new. While we could certainly use a lot more practice, Perrin doesn’t have a general conceptual issue with precision in heeling. Energy, however, can be a challenge. He is a pretty energy efficient guy by nature (he takes after his Bernese side on energy rather than his Golden side!), and high energy moments come in rare, extremely short spurts. Today we doodled around and experimented with adding energy to heeling. I was flying by the seat of my pants, but we both enjoyed it. I  the baby beginnings of his prance!

Not really a TEAM specific exercise, but I figured it counted because it was heeling. One day I will stop avoiding doing a TEAM1 run though 😂


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