Training Log – September 10, 2018


We are in for two weeks straight now! Whoohoo!

Day 14

For fun, Perrin and I dabbled with some TEAM3 exercises to see where they were. We tried position changes with the handler in novel positions 20 ft away. Perrin did alright with the sit, but struggled with the down. Turns out that the down was broken at several distances, so we definitely need more work on that one. I tried the retrieve with distraction, and he did really well! We haven’t really worked on a retrieve in a while, and never a formal one. So it was a bit messy, but he managed the point of the exercise. We also tried the level 3 Stay with Distraction. Perrin can nail level 1 and 2 distractions so I tried this one. Of course on the recall, Perrin raided the food bowl! So I put a toy in the bowl instead (because he likes sticks alright, but likes food more) and did the exercise like that. He was successful at that level.

Sei and I worked on level 1 stays with a ball. The stay he didn’t have a problem with, however finding his starting position was another matter entirely! I made a good training decision and got the platform out. That solved the issue. I tried to see where he was on a level 2 stay, and that one will need a lot more splitting out.


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