Set It and Forget it – Ideas

This morning I watched a webinar/online seminar thing put on by Hannah Branigan called Set It and Forget It. It focused on strategies and skills for setting up clean training sessions. This is an area that I definitely need work in, especially for Sei! The more clarity I can provide for Sei, the happier he is! Being right is important for him, where as Perrin doesn’t really care as long as he gets a cookie (ie, screw up cookies do not make up for confusion with Sei, they do for Perrin. Sei finds confusion much more aversive and cookies much less reinforcing than Perrin does).

Three of the components that Hannah focuses on for clean training sessions: stations, transportation, and reinforcement/resetting (among others).

Ideas of Things I Can Use for Stations for Sei: 

  • Chairs (my current go to, and meets the criteria of, if present, Sei will get on it without a cue)
  • Mat (needs work)
  • Crate (needs a lot of work, has some baggage)
  • X-pen (again, baggage/a history of frustration)
  • Other situational/never before used things: stairs, car hatch, couch, any sort of available platform

The transportation component, a formalized lure/hand touch type thing, will need some practice on our part. I should try working on that. I wonder what other kinds of things I could use in place of a food lure where appropriate?

  • a series of platforms/foot targets?
  • tugging? (YES! Answered in the webinar)
  • hand touches? (If a duration + motion nose touch is trained prior)

Ideas for Reinforcement Loops:

(Some focus on brainstorming for the TEAM exercises we are working on)

  • Back and Forth
    • Jump training (also see similar exercise in Jumping Gymnastics course)
    • Jump grids done in both directions
    • Platform work (getting on and off either side)
    • Tunnels (curved with me in centre)
    • 180 degree wraps (bowl on either side of me. Also a mix with out and back?)
  • Out and Back
    • Platform work (reinforcement behind, thrown or with T&T)
    • 180 degree wraps (bowl on either side of me. Also a mix with back and forth?)
    • Vertical Target Training (where the dog comes back)
    • Resets from pivot work?
  • Loops
    • Jump grids done in one direction (I have done something similar using tugging as my transporter)
    • Weave training
    • Vertical Target Training (where the dog does something once ‘out’)
    • Jump for TEAM1 (jump with handler motion)
    • Circling the handler without precise heel position already



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