Dog-est August – Training Log – August 11, 2018


Some more parkour videos:

And Sei’s first time jumping off of the dock! Look at him go! He was so scared of it before.

It was also puppy torture day (aka grooming day). Sei doesn’t like being brushed at all, so we are still working at CC the brush. Today he even let me work on his tail a little bit for the first time! Some PB smeared on the tile got his nails done without any hassle on either side.


More parkour!

Perrin loved getting brushed out, and tolerated having his nails done.


Chance also participated in grooming day. He got a good brush out and we worked on his nails a bit. He will allow them to be done, but I am trying to make it a better experience, so we didn’t do too many.


Dex got brushed out only. We did do a tiny bit of CC at the sight of the clippers, but that was as far as we got with nails.


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