Dog-est August – Training Log – July 30, 2018

After swimming in the pond and frolicking in the bean field, the boys all got a turn at some skills today.


We worked on lured wraps today. I was waiting on the video to download (yay rural internet!), so Sei and I worked on lured wraps from the ShapeUp course notes I have from before. I think they went pretty well overall! Luring with a toy is not something we can normally do because of some combination of how I taught Sei previous toy skills, and Sei’s dislike of being in my space bubble. (I have contemplated reteaching them, but I haven’t worked through how to make it context specific to certain toys, as the system we have now works excellently for disc). These went really well though because of the space created by the tree/wing. Sei definitely liked the fur toy rather than the holee roller. Just got to make that more durable. The Silvia Trkman video has the wraps shaped; I will try that tomorrow. I’m not very good at shaping wraps, so we will see how it goes.


Perrin and I worked on two TEAM behaviours today, stay with distraction, and wrap an object. Our stay looks solid, but the wrap will need to be put on cue again. He seems to remember the behaviour but not the verbal, which is pretty standard for Perrin. I love how excited he is about some of those wraps.


We did three rounds of muzzle work, with the advancement of touching the strap. Going well!


I tried nose touches today, and Dex did great! He is just so happy, its adorable.




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