Dog-est August: The Plan

Dog-est August has officially begun! Well, I guess it is still July, but I have all the dogs and we are ready to go! This month I am farm sitting my parents’ two dogs, and my pups are along for the fun. They are excited to have a month of frolicking on the farm, splashing in the pond, and running their little hearts out. Meet my two ‘bonus dogs’!
Chance is an ~6 year old Shepherd/Rottweiler mix who loves snuggling, chasing toys (I have a bonus disc dog for the month!), and yodelling.

IMG_4932Dex is a 5 year old Golden/Bernese mix and is Perrin’s full brother. All Dex wants in life is love, and he will smother you if necessary to get it!

They are farm dogs who spend their time happily frolicking around the property, catching snacks, chasing birds, and generally having a grand old time. They are both really interested in spending time with me and will try their hardest for a piece of hot dog, even if they don’t know what to do to get one. Neither have any formal training; they know ‘sit’ and ‘come’, and sometimes ‘down’ and ‘wait’ but that is the extent of their current repertoire.

I want to continue with my dogs’ training while I am here, have a training project to work on for Chance, and will find something for Dex so that he doesn’t feel left out! Here is the plan so far:

Sei – Agility Foundations

I am going completely back on my last post regarding Sei and agility. Whoops! I bought a tunnel and Silvia Trkman’s agility foundations video. I hope that after working through it for a month, I can decide whether I want to take her class that starts at the end of August. I still plan to do the conditioning work and the jump grids from jumping gymnastics on the side.

Perrin – TEAM

I really need to get TEAM1 going – the TEAM requirement is the only thing standing between me and my FDSA foundations certificate. Perrin has started all of the components but on the whole, they are a mess. I plan to restart each one and see what we have. I do not have all of my equipment, no platforms, no scent articles, only jumps. I should be able to find somethings around that will work for most items, and I can’t fathom that we will get to the point of needing them all for a run through anyways.

Chance – Muzzle Training

Chance has a mandated project given to us by my mom. We will be working on muzzle training this month. Chance does not like it when strange dogs run up to him while he is on leash. My mom would like him to be comfortable wearing a muzzle so that she can relax, and in the hopes that people will not allow their dogs to run up to a leashed AND muzzled dog (because apparently for most people, leashed is not enough). All of the work I have done with Sei on this subject has been in preparation for teaching Chance, so hopefully we will have a good place to start before we have to troubleshoot.

Dex – ?

I need to come up with something for Dex. He just wants to make you happy, and maybe get a hot dog in the process. The most helpful route would be to start working on CC nail trims. Dex hates them. I may give it a go, but it isn’t something I am very good at, nor enjoy doing. I would LOVE to do mimicry with Dex, but he only has one behaviour on cue, and I need at least 3 mimicable behaviours on really solid verbals. I could also work on just basic operant stuff, teaching him to offer behaviours and eventually to shape using a variety of foundation behaviours.

I tend to get sucked into chasing butterflies when I train, instead of following the things we are supposed to be working on. Perhaps Dex will be my ‘wildcard’, with whom I can ‘legally’ jump from topic to topic with.


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