March 5, 2018 – Training Log

Went for a walk around a few blocks with Sei. Just as frustrating as ever. It really brings out an unpleasant side of me; Counting down to the FDSA loose leash walking course!

Sei did a wee bit of being shaped to go through the hoop again, then played a similar game outside with toys.

I did some disc/fetch with Perrin, and he is so excited to play, with a reliable retrieve! Apparently all that work spent on toys is starting to shine through now that Perrin has a little brother to be jealous of! Haha.

Perrin and Sei did some platform work after dinner. Perrin is super enthusiastic about it, meanwhile Sei thought that offering rebounds was way more fun than fronts. We will need to work on a lot of standing still down the line!



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