February 28, 2018 – Training Log

No video today, but we worked on some of the TEAM exercises. I got my platforms made for both dogs (platform for both Sei and Perrin as well as a disc for Sei). This time I took an mdf shelf, then used contact cement to attach interlocking foam squares to both sides and wrapped the edge in duct tape. In the past I had tried just using the foam squares layered to an appropriate height, but I found that it was not stable and got kicked around a lot. I was hopping by adding the shelf that they would be heavy enough not to flip or slide. I was partly right! They do not flip and are very stable, but when Sei or Perrin goes to get off of them, they skid across the floor. I am hoping adding some squiggles of caulking to the bottom will resolve this problem.

Sei worked on learning that STANDING on the platform is what pays (not sitting, laying down, spinning or leaping on the platform); that one is going to be a long haul. Perrin worked on getting onto the platform from different angles and with me standing in different places in relation to the platform. When I stand so that the platform is in the right heel position, he has a tendency to drop his near rear foot off the platform consistently (his butt swings slightly in behind me). We will need to build a lot more value for all four feet on the platform before we are ready to go back to that specifically.


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