October 5/6th, 2017 Training Log

More disc for Sei over the past few days! We did more two disc game, and I started using a disc or a ball as a reward rather than just playing. And I got some frustration behaviours due to some poor choices and lack of skill on my part (thats another post coming up soon, lots for me to pick at, muse about, and unpack there). We stopped for a bit and I put some thought into what was happening, when it was happening, and what was the likely reason why. Once I had answered those questions, we came back to it, and I’m happy to say that he hasn’t bit me out of frustration again. Admittedly, thats a rather low bar to be measuring our training by, but its a step in the right direction.

He is now starting to be able to do some pretty nice stays, sits and spins using the disc or a ball as a reward. Nice engagement, snappy behaviours.

Perrin is still not feeling quite right, so we have just done some nonsense shaping and he has been getting lots of cuddles. The fact that I need to clip his face, and that he is likely not going to let me do that is highlighting the fact that I should have been working on cooperative care activities before I need them. Something to add to our training plan going forward to reduce this sort of unpleasantness in the future.


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