October 2nd, 2017 Training Log

Perrin had to go to the vet today for the horrible hot spot under his ear. Vets offices can be a hard place for Perrin, with other dogs in a variety of arousal states from calm to excited to scared. We lucked out on only having one other dog in the waiting room for a short period of time, so he could just relax. He behaved delightfully and charmed everyone there. Hopefully we now have the meds to get this nasty hot spot cleared up.

After Perrin got his pain killers, he was in a very chipper mood. I decided to shoot another TEAM1 run through when he was feel a bit better than yesterday. I’m not going to pick this one apart, most of the issues from yesterday are still thereĀ  (naturally, we didnt do any training to work on them or studying of the rules to avoid rule violations) and my camera died at the end, so we didn’t get quite a full recording. The point of this one was for me to get a feel for if the exercise was too long and we have to work on duration, or if Perrin’s lack of enthusiasm yesterday was because he was feeling sick. Given the enthusiasm he gave me the whole time today, I think yesterday was an outlier due to illness. (Ignore Sei, he thought it was the height of unfairness to be in his crate while Perrin was working).

No video for Sei today. We worked on some loose leash walking, foot targeting a pivot platform, nose touches, wrapping a cone and downs.


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