September 19th Training Log

More nosework and a title submission today!

I finally got all of Perrin’s novice parkour videos sorted, edited and uploaded today. We had everything, so I decided to submit it! I will find out in a month if he passed. One thing I learned is that I clearly have an issue with interpretation. For every video, I wanted to ask for about 100 clarifications of the rules to ensure the video met them (they are a little bit vague on the website). I figured that doing that wasn’t really necessary, and I could likely assume that if I was following the rules in good faith (and I did pick through each video to make sure there were no rule violations and that the requirements were met), then the judges are reasonable people who are not out to nit-pick people in to failing. Ah, programming I am still trying to undo from many years of school. I put all the videos together into one for ease of watching purposes:

We also did another few sessions of nosework today. Sei is definitely getting the game, so we moved on to the second game (putting the tin on the ground) and took the game to different parts of the house and even the yard! I added a cold tin by the end of the day, and did a quick session like that. He did really well. Its the first time I have seen him think about a problem on his own when he didn’t get clicked and keep going instead of stopping and staring at me. I’m hoping this will be a good confidence builder for him training/shaping wise.

Perrin continues to be really solid, not moving away from the odour. I added a cold tin, and he resumed his bad habit of picking up the cold tin and carrying it with him until he finds the hot tin. He gets the game, so I will likely move to putting the tins in containers soon (then I will only have to deal with him stepping on them!).


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