August 1st 2017 Training Log

Today is the ultra short reader’s digest version. Just the things we worked on, but no thoughts about them. It was a bit of a whirlwind day and I am behind!

  • Worked on more stationing with the treat and train while we are eating.
  • Had an awesome play session with Sei. He is sometimes returning with balls and rolled frisbees now! Whoohoo!
  • I started our homework for our Crucial Concepts class that we are taking. So far it is just me working on timing my makers and treat delivery. I still need to video a few more scenarios before editing them together.
  • Started reading our other FDSA course homework
  • Dealt with an x-pen climbing puppy for the first time! Jail break!
  • Hand touches, with food as well as using a toy to reward for the first time
  • Continuing to add a sit cue
  • Husbandry work, CC’ing a comb
  • Puppy Cuddles!

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