July 19th, 2017 Training Log

The high temperatures continue! Both the pups spend most of the day sleeping on the tile until it cools off in the evening.

Armed with more garlic cream cheese, hot dogs and peanut butter, Sei and I went to a local park for a bit to work on leash skills and see the sights. He did really well, and I accidentally took him too far. He did not complain about having to be carried back to the car he was so pooped! He didn’t bat an eyelash at several leaf blowers or the loads of construction equipment installing new paths. He also met some people that he was excited to approach, and had to learn that we weren’t going to meet everyone that Sei wanted to go meet. Tomorrow we will go back and explore a new area of the park.

We did a little more mat and collar shaping this morning, and lots of hand touches and name games.


Once it cooled off we did a major play session (we did lots of little ones throughout the day, the dogs are never out without me so they just come naturally). I busted out the flirt pole and that was a huge hit! Sei absolutely loves it, and so does Perrin. I am going to have to play with them individually with this game though. Perrin cheats and just goes after the handle!


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