May 3 Training Log

Lunch time training today consisted of conditioning work. We worked on several variations of shoulder exercise, but I haven’t got the video edited yet. I will add it here when I do:

After my riding lesson, Perrin and I headed to the park as we were invited to be a distraction dog for the service dogs in training. They were working on ignoring big, bouncy, friendly dogs who want to come meet them while out walking.  Perrin provided a challenge for the first few loops (he really wanted to visit!), but soon settled in and was wonderful for the rest of the hour working on that exercise. We then moved on to some settling work and Perrin did awesome at that; just chilling out in a down stay. In between I worked on some little Rally bits; his ‘swing into heel on cue’ is getting really solid! I am very happy with it thus far. Perrin’s favourite part of the evening was when he met a new friend: the security guard at the park pavilion. Perrin thinks that he was really good at giving butt scritches.




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