April 28/29/30 Training Log

I am a little slow recording this weekend’s activities.

On Friday we worked on some agility equipment for the first time in quite a while. Perrin is a positive annoyance on a teeter because he love to slam it down and make a whole bunch of noise. At least he isnt scared of it! I didn’t intend to work on 2o2o contacts, but while I was standing and chatting, he started offering a rear foot target on the teeter, so I rolled with it! We also got some really awsome disc practice in. He was readily chasing a roller, and he even put his first hole in the disc!

As for attention around other dogs, he blew me away when we let him and his Lab friend out to play, and Perrin chose to play and work with me instead! I didn’t expect that at all and I didn’t ask him for it either; he asked me!

Not a lot of training happened on Saturday and Sunday. We went for some off leash walks in the woods and did a little bit of disc practice for me (my throws are definitely improving, but there is a lot of work to be done yet!). I helped out with the judging of a 4-H regional show on Sunday which was an interesting experience.

Even though it wasn’t an exciting weekend for Perrin, it seems that he still doesn’t like Monday mornings.



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