April 27th Training Log

Finally back to lunch time training!

Today we worked on some of our homework for the canine fitness course. Today’s work was getting some sits-to-stands videoed. The first part of the video is a portion of our lunch work, and the rest was filmed earlier for the course homework.

Perrin is looking much heavier than I would like. I did a quick rib/spine feel, and he doesn’t feel any heavier, but he looks like he has gained weight. This is a bit odd as he has been getting much more exercise now that the weather is nice, and he has been eating less. So I went to the vets office and weighed him. He was 108lbs, so 4lbs lighter than the last time he was in. Weird. I will continue working at weight loss, as 98lbs is a better weight for him.

I also worked on some quick position changes with Perrin at my side on the front lawn of the building with lots of traffic distractions.

Tonight we went for a lovely run (jog? hobble? crawl? I am not a runner) out on the forest trails, then worked on some disc stuff. My throws are improving! Using real discs (rather than dollar store toys) helps immensely. I mainly worked on improving my vault throws, and Perrin even managed to get in on it once or twice, but he wasn’t in a very boisterous mood this evening.

After that we met up with two friends to do some dog training in the local Canadian Tire. All three dogs are young, so we worked on being calm in public, walking side by side nicely and not trying to play with each other the entire time. We spent about two hours there, and they all did really well!


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