April 25th Training Log

There was no lunch training today, as I had to stay at work for a meeting.

Tonight at the training building we worked on more swing finishes, lots of stays with the distraction of Perrin’s Lab friend running agility close by, and then worked on some agility ourselves. I had two jumps set up and worked on some back sides and the beginnings of threadles and serpentines. Perrin did amazing! I am truly the weak link here. I consistently cue him too late, so I was actively working on that today but I still made many mistakes. I don’t use voice cues often, but I am half heartedly working on adding them. He mostly follows my body language, and I think I am just going to commit to that. If I am going to commit to a silent handling system, I need to practice running sequences without the dog so that I don’t confuse Perrin with so many of my own screw ups. No voice cues really well for us, I have done very little training with this and he just picks it up so fast! I really wish I could do agility with Perrin, but alas, I do not want to push his hips lest it cause him problems later in life. Hopefully I can find some NADAC trials out east so we can do hoopers.


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