April 13th Training Log

Today’s lunch involved a brief walk.

After work we went for a long off leash walk, then worked on recalls, around finishes (I know those have a real name, but it is elluding me at the moment), and go-arounds for the disc course we are working on (with sticks instead of discs because Perrin kind of likes sticks). This was a little bit of the video I got of the around finishes before my camera fell out of the tree it was propped in.

He really just wanted to roll in the snow.

We then got in out of the horrible weather and went into Canadian Tire to work on some heeling and pick up some moving materials. Soon after arriving home, my trainer friend had some unexpected time and asked if we wanted to come over to and do some fun training. So, we turned back out the door and went there! Because Perrin’s brain was fried from our earlier work, we mostly worked on down stays at a distance while his friend (the 1 year old Lab) worked in the same space. This is a huge leap forward from where we were six months ago when Perrin could hardly keep his head from exploding 30 feet away on the other side of the fence when there was a friend around to play with. We did a little bit of fitness work, and I acted as a faux judge for the Lab’s conformation training.

I did video some of the fitness work we did. I’m not sure if Perrin is taking his feet off the disc when he sits because the exercise is too hard for him, or if it is because he doesn’t understand that he needs to keep his feet on the disc. I will have to go back and do some work on a stable platform to check his understanding.


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